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Our Mission

Our chapter is devoted to researching the history of baseball in Tennessee. The stories of players, teams, owners, ballparks, and leagues will never be fully uncovered, yet our members have already disclosed many captivating facts, memoirs, and records about the origins and events of baseball in our area.  Other baseball-related topics are of interest to us, too.

Our Members

Members of the Rice-Russell (Tennessee) Chapter of SABR come from every corner of the state and have a wide variety of interests.  If it has to do with baseball, we'll be interested, from researching the state's baseball history to the study of its statistics and probably everything in between. 

Our Website

On this website, you'll find news about our chapter, our member's research interests, and a collection of baseball-related links. If you would like to join us or would like more information about our activities, click on "Contact" in the menu bar in the left margin.  Or, if you are interested in more information regarding SABR (Society for American Baseball Research), please click here!  Thanks for visiting us!

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